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Shark Pet Perfect II Reviews

​​This page was last updated on ​1st February, 2024

Pets are beautiful creatures that keep us company in our lives and offer great companionship from time to time. However, the litter, dander and pet hair that they leave behind can be quite a task cleaning after them. A pet vacuum cleaner comes in handy in such situations to save you the energy of sweeping the dirt away using a lot of effort. Toddlers in the home and even grownups, leave behind a lot of dirt that require a quick clean to save on time and energy used in manual cleaning. This combination will need the best vacuum for pets available on the market to get rid of all the mess. The Shark pet perfect II fits right in this category. Introducing fun to the cleaning tasks makes it enjoyable every time.

You can bid goodbye the stubborn spots, dirt and debris once you have yourself this shark cordless pet perfect II hand vac (sv780). Let’s look at the shark pet perfect ii reviews step by step to help you get the full knowledge of the vac.

Overview of the Shark pet perfect vacuum

The Shark pet perfect 2 is a small-sized hand vacuum cleaner with dimensions of 4.6’’ by 15.7’’ by 6.1”.  It is a handheld vacuum cleaner from SharkNinja pet vacuum company. Found in the floorcare department, you are sure to get the efficient results when using this vacuum cleaner to have your daily cleaning tasks dealt with. For a machine to be the perfect handheld, it should have all the qualities that are suitable for the hand like having an easily portable weight. The shark pet perfect pro weighs a total of 4.25 pounds enabling it to be in the lightweight category of vacuum cleaners. When a pet vacuum is light, you find it easy to use anytime you need it.

Cordless vacuums are known for their versatility and flexibility in cleaning. Reviews show that with these types of vacuum cleaners, you can cover a wide range of surfaces once you decide to clean up. The shark cordless pet perfect 2 is equipped with this feature with pride. You can easily clean one room after another. With a powerful cordless handheld vacuum, you will easily clean the surfaces that pets leave messy. A cordless vacuum cleaner means that there is a battery inside that powers the cleaner. The shark pet perfect II hand vac (sv780) is fitted with a rechargeable non-standard battery and comes with a deluxe charging stand so when the vacuum runs out of charge, you can easily charge it. Charging and storage is done with a lot of convenience. You can choose to mount the charging stand on a wall to have the convenient charging and storage in one place.

The shark cordless vacuum pet perfect is engineered to work on all floor surfaces to yield great results. It produces consistent and strong suction while cleaning to ensure that the surfaces are left clean. This hand vacuum best removes pet hair from the carpet, upholstery and car interiors. These are the surfaces that it gets a bit harder to have all the pet hair and dander effectively removed due to the type of material used in the making. The motorized pet brush that works efficiently in picking up embedded pet hair from all surfaces.

The dirt container plays a significant role in the vacuum unit since it is where all the picked dirt and debris are held. Knowing when and how to empty the dirt cup improves the performance of the suction. With a reusable filtration system, you reduce the extra maintenance cost of the shark cordless pet perfect II. It comes with a washable filter and the dirt cup inside is easily removed to empty with a simple press of the release button. When you pull out the dirt cup, you remove the filter to wash and empty the contents of the dirt cup and wash it. To get peak performance from this shark cordless pet perfect pro, it is recommended that after every use you do the washing of the dirt cup and filter process. Once in every three months you can replace the dirt cup filter.

The shark pet perfect II sv780 vacuum cleaner is a great improvement of the previous models.  This model is equipped with a more powerful suction motor, more versatility, additional tools and several cleaning options. There is little to no complaints on this model compared to its predecessor. Obviously, the price tag on the cordless hand vacuum is higher than the previous model but it’s not too high to afford it. The bagless pro 2 in the shark cordless pet perfect II reviews is truly the vacuum to effectively handle the quick clean ups.

Most people love a vacuum that does all the cleaning tasks on different surfaces. Aside from being affordable, the shark sv780 hand vacuum, shark pet perfect II comes with the right features and tools to do the task effectively. It is lightweight to enable easy portability. No one wouldn’t love to work with a fully equipped vacuum cleaner to aid in the cleaning practices. There is a reason why this cleaning tool is mostly purchased on Amazon and in other markets. With this shark cordless pet perfect II hand vac, you are sure to have the best cleaning performance.

Special Features the shark pet perfect II

The Shark cordless pet perfect II comes equipped with quite several features that enable it to have the outstanding performance on the market. Firstly, the pro II is cordless meaning, there is a rechargeable battery that comes with it.

The 18-volt Ni-MH battery is responsible for the powerful suction of the whole unit. Once fully charged, (it takes about 16 hours) and it runs for 12 minutes non-stop thus enabling you to perfectly clean the area surfaces. When the vacuum unit is charging, there is an LED light that serves as a charging indicator.

If you are using the machine for the very first time, you are required to charge it for a whole 24 hours before initial use. After this, you are free to start charging for the 16 hours.

Shark SV780 utilizes the cyclonic technology on the suction power. Ever wondered why there is little to no suction power loss with Shark models? The cyclonic action used in the shark cordless pet perfect pro is responsible in preventing the loss of suction to the surface while the vac is in operation. You can now rest assured of great cleaning performance with this machine.

 The vacuum comes with several accessories that enable easy cleaning on different surfaces. Reading the shark pet perfect ii reviews, you can agree with me in saying that the vacuum can do it all on multiple surfaces. It is specialized to remove pet hair and dirt from medium-pile carpet, debris from tile flooring and can have all the hard-to-reach areas totally cleaned out. The motorized pet brush is made extra-large to pick up pet hair from all surfaces. Using the pet vacuum is done in the most silent way so as not to interrupt other activities that people in the house are involved in with noise from the vacuum.

Attachments included in the box

Accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner enable effective cleaning convenience. The attachments that come in the box with the unit include;

  • A detachable extra-large motorized brush to erase all pet hair and embedded dust from upholstery and other surfaces
  • A washable filter that is replaced after like three months of continuous usage to provide effective performance
  • A crevice tool that is used to clean those hard-to-reach surfaces
  • A dusting brush attachment for better use
  • A charging stand that enables you to mount it on the floor perfectly or sits on a table top without falling and acts as a storage station of the unit

Pros & Cons

  • It has a powerful 18-volt battery with great suction power
  • It is lightweight
  • There is an LED light battery charge indicator
  • The XL detachable motorized brush ensures quick and deep cleaning of pet hair off the surfaces
  • It has an easy-to-empty bagless dirt container
  • It allows easy storage and convenient charging
  • The handle is rubberized for a comfortable grip
  • It is suitable for usage on all floor types 
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • The runtime is very short

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should the dust cup filter be emptied and cleaned?
A: The dirt container is recommended to be emptied at least after ever use to improve suction power. After emptying the debris, it is better to wash it together with the filter it comes with for effective performance.

Q: In the case where the charging adapter breaks down, can I use any other on the Shark sv780?
A: It is recommended that the charger it came with should be solely used on the machine. If it has broken, you can find another same one from the market.

Q: Why is the motorized brush not spinning when in use?
A: This may happen mainly when the motorized brush is not carefully attached to the unit. The pins on the brush should in contact with the connector slots on the vacuum. If the problem persists, you are required to get a professional to fix it.

Q: Can the shark pet perfect 2 be used directly on a pet?
A: Firstly, the ability of the pet to stay put while vacuuming it will determine whether to clean it or not. Secondly, the size of the handheld vacuum is too small to have a big tank to accommodate the animal while cleaning it. So, the answer to this question is no.

Q: Does the shark pro ii come in a different color other than lavender?
A: Well, the Shark is yet to produce this model in different colors. Blue would look better on the vacuum cleaner.


In this review, there is clear indication that the shark sv780 hand vacuum, shark pet perfect II is indeed one of a kind. Other than coming in a great and beautiful design, it is also affordable and with outstanding performance. Vacuum cleaners were invented to make these hard cleaning tasks easily doable. The Shark pro 2 comes with numerous features to have abundance cleaning options and efficient results. Pet owners breathe a sigh of relief when they get themselves one of these shark sv780 models. The vacuum is easy to use and it’s also economical in terms of maintenance. Spare parts are readily available on the market to ensure that in case your shark cordless pet perfect ii hand vac breaks, you don’t have to get rid of the whole unit, you can just replace the parts and continue enjoying using the vacuum.