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Hoover Windtunnel 3 Reviews

​​This page was last updated on ​1st December, 2023

If you have been involved in the general cleaning of the house before, you will agree with me that the process is quite tiring especially if you don’t have all the tools required. General cleaning entails a lot of work some of which would not be successful without a professional around. For instance, suppose your cleaning procedure requires you to vacuum the various surfaces, you’d need a vacuum cleaner to do this. Unfortunately, not all vacuum cleaners can pull off an impressive piece of work. That is why you will need to carry out a bit of some research to find out which one would suit your specific cleaning needs. We understand how involving a tiring research can be and that is why we are saving you all the trouble by putting together all the info you would need to speed up the decision-making process.

Here, we shall highlight important info about the Hoover Windtunnel 3 reviews to make sure you have all you need at your fingertips just in case you intend to shop for it anytime soon. However, If you want to compare it with other models you can compare it to all the other pet hoovers here.

Overview of the Hoover Windtunnel T-Series Pet Uh30310 Vacuum Cleaner

[ hoover Windtunnel pro comes with a pretty long cord of 30 feet and a stretchable black hose. ]

The Hoover Windtunnel t series pet uh30310 is a medium sized vacuum cleaner with unit measurements of 13 inches deep, 44 inches high and 13.5 inches wide. Its cleaning path is just as wide as its width, which is approximately 13.5 inches. This means that unlike most of the other pet vacuum cleaners on the market, the hoover Windtunnel t series pet uh30310 is quite efficient. It also comes with a large enough bin bag with a capacity of 2.9 liters. Even though it is not cordless, the hoover Windtunnel pro comes with a pretty long cord of 30 feet and a stretchable black hose. This vacuum cleaner qualifies to be one of the most lightweight on the market because it weighs only 15.9 pounds, and this is probably because it has a plastic wand.

 There is a significant number of people who have gone ahead and expressed their joy after using the hoover Windtunnel pro. It is evident that this model is a great improvement of its predecessors whose designs could not match up to the advancements present in the pro version of the series. Nevertheless, just like every other piece of equipment, the Hoover cleaner has had a fair share of criticisms. Several hoover Windtunnel 3 pro pet rewind reviews have criticized the price while others do not like the fact that the hose is only 12 feet long. After analyzing a majority of the hoover Windtunnel pro pet reviews, I’d say there are more positives than negatives, which makes this series of vacuum cleaners from Hoover a winner.

If the majority of hoover Windtunnel 3 reviews are anything to go by, home owners with pets have a liking of the Hoover Windtunnel T-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner. We are yet to find out why this is the case. The hoover Windtunnel pro is a special bagged vacuum cleaner that works on a wide range of surfaces and furniture to get rid of dust and pollens. It is considered a special piece of equipment because its design is constructed to reduce the cleanup workload for pet owners.

The hoover Windtunnel pet vacuum is the company’s flagship brand in the T-series line of cleaners. It is the second in the T-series line of vacuum cleaners but certainly not the only one with the UH prefix as there are tons of other uh cleaners in this series. As such, this model comes equipped with an advanced set of options when compared to its predecessors, the T1 series. Being a bagged Upright vacuum cleaner, the hoover t-series Windtunnel pet bagged upright, uh30310 features a bag that is made with activated Carbon HEPA media to keep pet odors to a minimum. It is also designed to make your cleaning work a lot easier especially when disposing a full bag after a vacuum cleaning session.

Apart from the HEPA media filter, the hoover t-series Windtunnel pet bagged upright uh30310 vacuum cleaner also comes with other amazing features to make your cleaning task a walk in the park. The working mechanism of the hoover Windtunnel t series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner makes great use of the company’s patented Windtunnel Technology. It works by creating multiple channels of suction to lift and remove debris on the surface as well as deeply embedded dirt. You can comfortably clean those hard-to-reach spots thanks to the 30-foot cord that is long enough to eliminate the need for you to unplug the unit every time you are moving from one spot to another.

If you have worked with a bagless vacuum cleaner before, like the hoover - Windtunnel 3 pro bagless pet upright vacuum, then you understand the hassles involved in handling the accumulated dirt. You, therefore, can appreciate the fact that this unit is a hoover Windtunnel high capacity pet cleaner since it comes with a 2.9L bin bag.

Special Features of the hoover pet vacuum

There are certain features that make the hoover pet vacuum stand out from the crowd of pet vacuum cleaners on the market. The first one is the Windtunnel Technology, which is patented by Hoover to be used only on this flagship series. This feature makes it a lot easier and hassle-free for you to work with the vacuum cleaner. It creates suction channels to easily lift and remove embedded dirt and debris from surfaces and upholstery.

The other feature in the hoover pet vacuum is the HEPA media filter which serves to trap 99.97% of dust, dirt and pollens as small as 0.3 microns. As if that is not enough, the HEPA media filter comes with Activated Carbon, which means pet odors will no longer be a bother in your house. 

The Windtunnel T-Series Pet Bagged Upright Vacuum comes with an Illuminating Headlight to help you maneuver the poorly lit corners of the house. According to a majority of the hoover Windtunnel 3 pro pet reviews, this is a great addition that distinguishes the Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum cleaner from the other cleaners on the market. Additionally, it features a No-Scuff Bumper which serve to protect your furniture when cleaning along the edges and underneath.

It is worth noting that the Hoover Windtunnel pet vacuum cleaner is P.A.W.S. approved. The air-powered hand tool included in the package ensures that even the invisible hair that your pet shed onto your upholstery is swiftly gotten rid of. When it comes to ease of use, the hoover Windtunnel 3 pro pet vacuum cleaner is simply out of this word. It has all the power control buttons positioned strategically such that you do not strain to reach any of them. As if that is not enough, this bagged vacuum cleaner also includes a Clean-Drop Bag system which allows you to release a full bag directly into the trash in a single button push and you can never miscalculate anything because there is a Full Bag Indicator feature to alert you when the dirt bag is full.

 To make it easy to clean multiple surfaces, the hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner has an On-Off brushroll button to trigger a transition from carpet to floor. There are 5 carpet height adjustment positions that allow you to clean all flooring types with great ease.

Attachments included in the Box

The following attachments are included in the hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner package:

  • Air-powered pet hand tool: It has rubber wipers and a powerful suction to collect and carry away hairs
  • Pet upholstery tool: Also has rubber wipers to get rid of stubborn pet hair away from fabrics
  • Crevice tool: To clean nooks and crannies
  • 12-foot deluxe stretch hose for an extended reach
  • Extension wand

Pros & Cons

  • The hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner is a very lightweight cleaner
  • The long power cord eliminates the need to unplug the unit every time you move from one room to another
  • The high-power rating of this cleaner gives it a powerful suction
  • It is easy to use thanks to features like the one-touch bag door release and the clean drop bag system
  • Some of the users have complained about the fact that the hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner is too noisy when running
  • Some users have argued that the power rating of this vacuum cleaner is not proportional with the amount of work it does thereby concluding that it is somehow inefficient
  • Despite being generally agreeable that the hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner is a lightweight unit, there are some users who’d still find it to be heavy
  • The deluxe stretchable hose is not long enough because there are plenty of vacs out there with a longer hose than 12 feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner different from a normal vacuum?

A: For starters, it requires minimal maintenance. The Windtunnel Pet Bagged Upright has a bag made with Activated Carbon HEPA media filter that helps reduce pet odors. Secondly, it utilizes the Clean Drop Bag System, which lets you dispose of a full bag without ever touching it. Thirdly, with a little practice, you can teach your dog to clean up after itself while you are at work.

Q: How is this vacuum cleaner emptied?

A: It features the clean drop bag system which allows you to empty the bag with a simple touch of a button. Once the bin bag is full, you are notified with a Full Bag Indicator.

Q: Is this bagged better than a bagless vac?

 A: Owning the bagless model of this vac can be an expensive affair because one must take the unit every other time to the shop to have it blown out with the big air compressor to empty the contents. The maintenance cost for the bagless series of upright vacs is quite high thus making it uneconomical compared to this one.


The hoover Windtunnel t-series pet uh30310 vacuum cleaner is one of the highly ranked vacs on the market. Other than utilizing the Windtunnel technology to offer the most efficient suction power, it also comes at a relatively competitive price. The high bin bag capacity is another plus that makes it stand out from the crowd. Also, being an upright cleaner with specs that are friendly to your pet, the hoover t series Windtunnel pet bagged upright uh30310 counts as a must have for your general cleaning purposes. Besides, Hoover has made a name for itself as the number one manufacturer of Windtunnel rewind vacs and so far, the series has not disappointed if at all the online reviews are anything to go by.