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Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet Review

​​This page was last updated on ​1st December, 2023

Having a house that is always or mostly clean comes at a price and cleaning is not a task that many enjoy doing. In fact, it is both exhausting and time consuming. When you are a pet owner, the cleaning task becomes even more overwhelming. That’s why there is great need to have a cleaning helper, and what better than a vacuum machine to do the cleaning for you? Many times, we are torn between getting a vacuum cleaner and getting the right one that fits your way of life. The Eureka airspeed exact pet is a vacuum that is designed to bring ease to the manual cleaning process. Pet lovers will enjoy playing with their pets because there is a tool that aids in cleaning after their mess on floors. If you want to compare it with other models, view our comprehensive guide

Overview of Eureka airspeed exact pet bagless upright vacuum AS3001A

Eureka vacuum pet is a bagless upright vacuum that is specialized to get rid of dirt from all surfaces and it deep cleans the areas. With dimensions of 13’’ deep by 12.5’’ wide and 43.5’’ height, you are sure that you are not working with a monstrous cleaning tool that will scare your cleaning spirits away. With a width of 12.5’’, you get the perfect cleaning path that enables you to work fast thus save time and energy. Unlike most of the upright vacuum cleaners in the reviews, this exact vacuum pet is lighter to make maneuvering easy. It weighs only 13 pounds, meaning, you can easily carry it to the room you want to clean. Having a heavy cleaning machine does a number on the energy spent, so this eureka airspeed exact pet bagless upright vacuum, as3001a is the best to use.

 The Eureka AirSpeed Zuum Vacuum came in way before the Eureka vacuum pets, as3001aa. There is little improvement made between the two apart from the reduced selling price. The same airspeed technology is applied on both Eureka vacuums.
There is no great improvement according to the Eureka airspeed exact pet reviews, but in terms of weight, this one weighs less than the zuum and the height adjustments are also reduced. With these features, the vacuum in question is suitable for use in medium-sized households. Also, the ABS AS1051A is on the same level as the Eureka AS30001AA except that the former is bagged. What people love most about this vacuum is the unlimited suction. That’s the biggest advantage of getting a corded vacuum cleaner. The Eureka airspeed unlimited pet reviews reveal just how great a vacuum this is in continuously picking up dirt and hair from surfaces and it comes at a great price. 

Vacuuming with the same powerful and strong suction that you started with makes you feel like you are truly doing something which in turn, motivates you to finish your cleaning process with little to complain about. The Eureka airspeed pet vacuum has this ability and it provides consistent powerful suction throughout the cleaning and you can get the best results from using it on all surfaces. There are features on the unit responsible for picking up dirt and pet litter from all the surfaces which make it easy for the consumer to have the whole house cleaned once and for all with the strong suction. Those with pets or kids can attest to how having the right vacuum is good for the house.

With 5-height adjustment settings, you get to have your house cleaned with ease. You can set the height that you prefer while deep cleaning multiple carpet and bare floor surfaces. On top of that, there is a 27 feet cord, a hose with an extension wand combined for 8 feet to reduce your cleaning time. The vacuum gives you the freedom to extend your reach with ease and without having to move the whole unit while cleaning. Additionally, you get to clean more high and low areas with ease. That, in turn, saves you the energy and time to have your cleaning task done in no time. It would be so exhausting working with a vacuum cleaner that you have to keep moving around frequently while cleaning.

Eureka ultimate clean pet vac on this review is a reliable, bagless vacuum since, without bags to change you get a great vacuuming experience. There is a washable dust cup filter that is reusable to as many times as you deem fit. The filter requires minimum replacement you’d forget about it for a while. Washing the filter, however, is recommended after every use or else, you will receive reduced performance and dirt collection will be done inefficiently. Even though there is no mention of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, the allergen exhaust filter is responsible for capturing dirt, fine dust particles and allergens for a clean and fresh home environment. The dirt cup is transparent to enable you to see when it is time to empty and have the Eureka pet vacuum filters washed.

Special features of the Eureka vacuum pets

You can clean multiple surfaces with this vacuum machine thanks to its on/off brushroll switch. The Airspeed technology is responsible for moving more air to remove a lot of dirt from the surface at once. With this technology, time spent doing the cleaning is reduced since more dirt is removed in one pass. This all-floors bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Eureka has an extendable reach to, once again, save the time used on cleaning. There is a 5-setting height adjustment that is used when you want to reach multiple surfaces while cleaning to ensure deep cleaning especially on carpets and bare floors. The hose on this unit is made extra-long to extend your reach to about 8 feet from the vacuum cleaner to clean high and more areas in less time.

There is an on-board crevice tool and dusting brush where pet hair is effectively dealt with from the crevices, upholstery and furniture. Those hard-reach-areas tend to accumulate a lot of these dirt especially pet hair and dust. With this cleaning tool, you are sure of a cleaner living environment. The PET Turbo driven upholstery nozzle removes stubborn pet hair from upholstery and furniture. As mentioned earlier, the vacuum has a washable dust cup eureka pet vacuum filter that requires less frequent replacements. As such, this saves you the maintenance cost since Eureka pet vacuum filters on Walmart or Amazon don’t come cheap. Equipped with rubber wheels, you get effortless cleaning since moving will not require you to carry the unit.

Attachments included in the Box

For a machine to have all the abilities to perform effectively on multiple floors, there should be several attachments. The Eureka AS30001AA comes with the following attachments:

  • An extension wand that extends to 8 feet
  • A crevice tool for hard to reach places
  • Dusting brushes
  • A stair and upholstery brush
  • A manual
 These are the accessories that facilitate a great cleaning experience when attached.

Pros & Cons

  • The vacuum never loses suction
  • It is relatively lightweight
  • It is easily moved around thanks to the soft rubber wheels
  • There is an on/off brushroll switch for effortless cleaning
  • It is easy to empty the dust cup and clean, also, the bagless design cuts down the cleaning time
  • It works on removing dirt and hair from multiple surfaces 
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • List It lacks tools that make it easy to clean under furniture and bed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I empty the dirt cup?

A: The only thing mentioned on this eureka airspeed review is how easy it is to empty the dirt cup and when since it is transparent. There is a latch at the bottom of the cup that releases the lid to hygienically empty the cup without having to touch the dirt. Once you empty the dirt cup, wash the exhaust filter to continue receiving fresh and clean air.

Q: What happens when my Eureka airspeed brush stops spinning?

 A: Once you experience some issues such as the Eureka airspeed brush not spinning, perhaps it’s time to change the belt of the pro vacuum. The belt around the motor is responsible for spinning the brush roll and if it no longer spins, zoom to see what the problem is. Displace the brushroll from the base to clean it and remove the belt to replace it with a new one. It is smart to replace than to get rid of the whole unit.


This Eureka airspeed exact pet review highlights the major features on the vacuum that enables it to perform effectively on all floor surfaces. Having a busy lifestyle requires you to have a gadget that cleans the whole house occasionally and the Eureka AS30001AA is fit for these tasks. It comes at a fair price with great features. The fact that this vacuum cleaner works on all floors means that you get to save an extra cost since you just get one vacuum cleaner for all the surface cleaning purposes in your house.