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Dyson Ball Animal 2 Reviews

​​This page was last updated on ​1st December, 2023

Messy floors are commonly brought about by the pets we keep and the toddlers in the homes. With the invention of vacuum cleaners, such messes are taken care of without using too much sweeping effort. Having a vacuum cleaner that does all the work from sweeping, vacuuming and mopping all at the same time is ideal to save on time and energy. The Dyson pet vacuum combines different cleaning technologies to allow you to enjoy your cleaning experience. From the Dyson animal vacuum reviews, the performance and design of the vacuum cleaner gives you the premium service that you can’t get anywhere else. From how the vacuum works on different surfaces to how beautiful it looks, it is undeniably, the best premium vacuum cleaner on the market. Here, we are going to give you the full Dyson Ball Animal 2 reviews combined into one. However, if you want to compare it with other models you can view our comprehensive guide here daler20.sg-host.com

Overview of the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum cleaner

The Dyson pet hoover is an upright vacuum cleaner with dimensions of 15.3 x 13.4 x 42.1 inches. It is the latest invention of the manufacturing company that sought to bring the best cleaning experience to the users. For best upright vacuums, there is a power cord and a hose included. This Dyson pet hair vacuum has a long power cord of 35 feet and an extendable hose to make the cleaning a breeze. You get up to 50 feet of reach with this pet vacuum which means there are little to no interruptions of finding another outlet while cleaning a large room. Weight of the unit matters too. The whole unit weighs a total of 17.35 pounds, which is lightweight in this case. Lifting of the vacuum cleaner is done less often because the hose is extendable to have you clean without tipping the unit over. The ball technology applied also plays a significant role in the movement of the Dyson.

The Dyson animal vacuum has great performance on all surface flooring from the high-pile carpeting to hardwood and tile floors. Spilled food or animal litter found on the carpet is easy to deal with when using this Dyson hoover animal. It only takes very few passes on the carpet to ensure the surface gets the complete clean. On hard floors, the vacuum portrays an outstanding cleaning performance when compared to other upright vacuum cleaners. The vacuum deals with all sorts of litter on the surfaces fast and efficiently. According to most Dyson ball animal 2 reviews on Amazon and all other online platforms, it is the best Dyson for pet hair. Pet hair on the floor, furniture and even on the stairs is easily captured thanks to the innovative attachments on the animal ball. The vacuum provides easy maneuverability on all floors.

The manufacturing company had everyone in mind when it chose to fit the sealed filtration systems in the vacuum. Dirt, dust and allergens have no chance of escaping into the air once they have been sucked up. Fitted with HEPA filtration, allergens and bacteria are captured and trapped to enable you to have clean and safe air in the surrounding. The bagless upright vacuum cleaner has a large dirt bin to ensure maximum dirt collection before it is emptied. Even without any indication as to when to empty the dirt bin, it is not that hard to tell when the bin is full. As such, you won’t have to wait till there is reduced performance on the suction to know the bin is full. The bin is hygienically emptied with just a push of a button to release the dirt without having to touch it.

Getting a vacuum cleaner that works perfect on all floor types is better than having to get different ones for each type of surface. In this Dyson animal 2 review, you clearly see that there is little improvement from the previous Dyson Animal Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum which makes it hard to differentiate the two. Its cleaning radius on the Dyson Animal 2 is slightly larger than that of its predecessor where you get around 50 feet as opposed to the latter which gives you about 45 feet. The height of the unit is still the same and it weighs less than the previous model. As for the cleaning head, it is wider on the animal 2 by a few inches. As stated above, the difference is negligible at a glance but once you lift the vacuum unit, you can notice the change in weight. This one is light. However, the price of the Dyson Ball animal 2 is higher than the Dyson Ball Animal Upright vacuum.

A comparison of the Dyson cinetic big ball animal plus allergy – corded vs the Dyson animal 2 shows that the results are almost similar. However, the latter is a Dyson animal best price and it’s the cheaper one of the two. Both the DC and the Dyson 2 use the big ball technology.

Is it a Hit or a Miss?

Who wouldn’t love a vacuum machine that offers great cleaning experience, is easy to move around with, and has an attractive design? This Dyson model has so many great features that facilitate a smooth cleaning experience. It is designed to be used by all people regardless of age and level of experience. Once you have read this review, you will not even have to consult the Dyson ball animal 2 manual. It is easy to use. For most people, the handheld vacuum cleaners come in handy but with this one, you get your complete value for money since it comes with all the tools necessary for cleaning pet hair from all the surfaces. Without a doubt, you can agree that this model is the best Dyson vacuum for pets because of its pet hair picking performance on different floors.

Special Features of the Dyson for Pets

The Dyson hoover cleans your home fast and with complete ease. It is equipped with an articulated long wand handle that can rotate in three different directions at 3600 for versatile and flexible cleaning. How you handle the unit determines the results you get. This feature allows you to easily reach those high places like the ceilings and under furniture to ensure that all places are left clean. Dyson vacuums for pet hair apply the ball technology in most of them hoovers. This Dyson animal 2 is not an exception. The ball protects the motor and other key components in the vacuum unit. Apart from that, compressed airways and a low center of gravity increases stability and offers easy movement around furniture and obstacles with a slight turn of the hand.

The Dyson ball animal deep cleans all surfaces thanks to the more suction power that is engineered in the vacuum. Difficult tasks of cleaning a messy carpet or removing spots and stains off the tile, vinyl and wood floors are easily dealt with when using this powerful cleaning tool. The corded vacuum uses the strongest suction power at the cleaner that no other vacuum cleaner has surpassed. It has a powerful brush bar that is responsible for deep cleaning the carpet fibers and when it reaches the hard floors, suction is sealed in for effective results. It utilizes the active base plate technology to automatically adjust the cleaner head up on reaching a different floor. This way, you don’t have to bend down to change anything. Cleaning with this vacuum yields perfect results you’d think it’s done by a pro.

From the reviews, the Dyson animal 2 is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This Dyson hoover animal, without a doubt, does great in curbing the allergic reactions brought about by pets and dust from the surfaces. Fitted with a HEPA filter, allergens are trapped and sealed in to avoid being spit back to the air. With the optimized airflow, all the fine dust particles and airborne pollutants are captured in the dirt bin to ensure the air left behind is free from the microscopic organisms. The radial root cyclone technology aids in achieving this.

Attachments included in the Box

It is rare to find an upright vacuum cleaner without any attachment. They all come with the standard four attachments namely, the extension wand, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and a crevice tool. In this case, the Dyson goes an extra mile in its list of attachments. There are several attachments that this Dyson animal 2 comes with in the cleaning kit. Firstly, there is the tangle-free turbine tool that automatically adjusts to the surface it’s cleaning. The stair tool has brushes that occupy the whole surface area underneath the tool to clean up even the edges of upholstery and stairs. More hair is released into the dirt collector. Thirdly, it’s the combination tool that has included soft bristles on the crevice which allows the brush part to slide backwards to get easy cleaning on the glass light fixtures, appliances, flat surfaces, walls etc. Then there is the carbon fiber turbine head.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a powerful motorized brush to deep clean all surfaces
  • It has a very powerful suction of 90AW
  • It has washable filters
  • The wand stick plus cord are made long and extendable to reach a large surface
  • It has an easy to empty dust canister
  • The cleaner head is large to occupy a wide cleaning path
  • It is suitable to use on all floor types
  • It uses the active base plate technology to automatically adjust the cleaner head when on a different surface
  • It is heavy causing problems while moving
  • It is a bit hard assembling the tools
  • It is very expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use other attachments from an old Dyson sweeper on this one?

A: Yes. Most genuine Dyson attachments are compatible with other Dyson models.

Q: Does the vacuum cleaner have a retractable cord?

A: No. For such a premium tool, it lacks an automatic rewind cord.

Q: How will I know when the dirt bin is filled up and ready to be emptied without any “bin full indicator”?

A: The Dyson Animal ball 2 comes with a 1.8l dirt bin. Emptying it is done based on the amount of dirt collected. If you fail to empty the dirt container, you will notice that the suction has reduced. That will automatically notify you to empty the dirt container to continue enjoying the great suction performance of this tool. Emptying is done in the most hygienic way. There is a release button on the dirt bin that opens at the bottom to let you empty the debris without touching it.


Having a dog with long hair can be hard to retain a hair-free floor. Dyson animal 2 vacuum cleaner has just the right tools necessary to erase the hair with ease and without tangling in the bristles. In just few passes, you can get your surfaces cleaned effectively and effortlessly. Having to go through a manual can be hard and time consuming, so we have reviewed the product for you to have an easy experience with the vacuum cleaner. This model is the latest with advanced and easy to use features to provide you a better cleaning option for your home. It comes at a high price (so are other Dyson models) but the features, indeed, match the price. For you to get the premium cleaning experience, you have got to go for the best vacuum on sale on the market.