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This page was last updated on 1st February, 2024

If you have always fancied having a canister vacuum to hoover up your pet hair but don't know which one to buy, don't worry we have you covered.

Below we go into detail, reviewing all the latest models on the market which are getting everyone excited about.

So why wait any longer? Read on to find out which was crowned the best canister vacuum for pet hair!

Overview Of The 10 Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair In 2021

The 10 Best Canister Vacuum On The Market Reviewed

If you are struggling with cleaning your hard floors, the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum is the ideal vacuum to help you. This vacuum has a dual floorhead (STB 285-3) to tackle dirt on low-pile carpeting and smooth surfaces. There is a rocker switch that enables quick and easy transitioning from smooth floors to carpeted areas once clicked. Fitted with a 1200-watt vortex motor, the Compact C1 pure suction increases power efficiency when the power level is selected. There is a rotary dial for suction control where you have a choice of up to 6 power settings. This lets you select the right level of power to use on the surface.

The Miele Compact C1 vacuum is ranked the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair because of the unique AirClean sealed system. This system captures 99.9% of all particles even the thin hairs left behind by pets and the micro-organic particles to have purified air in the home, hence the name, pure suction canister. It also has HEPA 13 filtration to trap all allergens. There are accessories on VarioClip such as the dusting brush, upholstery tool and a crevice nozzle which can be used conveniently especially when you get to the hard-to-reach surfaces. The wand is made of stainless steel material that extends to a radius of 29.5 feet to enable you clean higher surfaces. For movement, the vacuum is equipped with three wheels with a 360-degree turn that maneuver easily. The reason why this pet canister vacuum is preferred is that it tracts behind you as you pull the hose.

  • It has a completely sealed system
  • The vortex suction motor is powerful for effective cleaning
  • It has an electronic speed control
  • The 360 degrees swivel wheels offer easy maneuvering
  • It has a small dust bag

The search for a whole-home cleaner is over when you get this Kenmore 81614 canister vacuum. It is equipped with 2 powerful motor systems and a power flow technology that ensures a perfect clean since there is no chance you can skip debris and hair with this pet hair canister vacuum. It has a POP-N-GO floor brush at the front case that does a quick clean of the surface without having to bend over to change tools. The hair brush scrubs fur off upholstery. On the main attachment on the vacuum is the motorized Pet PowerMate brushroll, which lets you lift tangled hair, dander and more debris from the carpet below, furniture and other surfaces without difficulty. The flexibility it exhibits is the reason why it is the best canister vacuum for pet hair.

This canister pet vacuum cleaner has an automatic cord rewind to be stored easily. The CordRewind quickly recoils the cord once you are done vacuuming the surfaces. It also stores onboard the machine underneath a cover that is see-through together with other attachments. The construction of this canister vacuum is reliable. There is an insertion direction indicator in the unit to enable easy and fast filter replacement. When the filter is in the right position, there are tabs on the outside of the filter for comfortable grip and removal. There is a latch which you press downward to secure the filter cover to prevent shaking while in use.

  • It has a powerful 2-motor suction
  • It holds up well
  • It has high-quality design 
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • It requires high maintenance
  • It operates noisily

For excellent performance on all surfaces, the Eletrolux UltraFlex canister is here for you. It’s the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair to use. It is also designed for low to high pile carpet and plush carpet cleaning. With built-in HEPA filtration system, you can get rid of 99.9% of dust and allergy causing organisms in your home. This is best used in homes with pets and does not limit the person using it even those that are allergic to dust and pollen. It has a lightweight design of 11.6lbs to enable easy portability. The compact nature of this pet vacuum cleaner lets you get up and down stairs or move from one place to another with ease. This bagless vacuum cleaner has a dust cup at the bottom opening that makes emptying it easy and fast and reduces dust that escapes back into the air.

There is an on and off brushroll switch and a 3-level height adjustment on this UltraFlex canister vacuum to enable you to clean all floor surfaces even the bare floors and plush carpets. The suction power is adjustable to reduce suction on the more delicate surfaces. It employs a cyclonic system whereby you get consistent suction power for deep cleaning. It is fitted with large rear wheels and a low center of gravity to rotate easily around furniture. It has a 21-feet cord and an 8-feet hose with a telescopic wand to allow you to reach multiple surfaces at once. It includes versatile tools that are the crevice tool and a dusting brush located on the handle. In addition, there is an upholstery nozzle and bare floor nozzle to clean all surfaces in your home. It comes at a reasonable price which makes it preferred by people.

If you want to see how the canister vacuum measures up against other types of hoovers, check out our homepage.

  • It has a compact and lightweight design
  • It has powerful Suction performance
  • It is easy to store 
  • Easy to empty
  • It is mostly made of plastic material which reduces the durability

Tired of always getting the noisiest vacuum cleaners, the Electrolux EL4012A canister curbs that noise situation. It is equipped with a silent Pro system (the canister motor and sound-softening nozzle) to provide a powerful clean with reduced noise production. The vacuum cleaner utilizes the Clean-Air filtration system and a HEPA filter to provide clean and safe environment because 99.97% of airborne pollutants and 0.3 micron are captured. The 3-in-1 cleaning tool (crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle) helps in reaching those hard-to-reach surfaces with little effort. The dual nozzles perform with quick succession from bare floors to carpeting and around the furniture with the 360 degrees motion technology it applies.

 You do not have to worry about furniture damage that comes about with the use of vacuum cleaners. The Electrolux silent performer has an ErgoShock furniture guard that protects both the vacuum and the furniture from impact damages.  There is also a speed control switch to either slow down or speed up the cleaning. The dust bag and filter are located at an easy access position for convenient replacing and emptying of the dust cup. This best canister vacuum pet hair is generally easy to use this machine and the fact that it operates silently makes it most loved by people.
  • It has a powerful suction
  • It is lightweight
  • It has wheels that rotate at 360 degrees for easy maneuverability
  • The Ergo Shock furniture guard feature avoids damages
  • It operates silently
  • It is mainly made of plastic material

The Bissell Hard Floor Expert as the name suggest is the best canister vacuum for carpet and hardwood surfaces. The vacuum has a very powerful suction that leaves the surfaces clean. It can clean all surfaces including the delicate surfaces whether they are high or low and protects them. It works best on hard floors. Fitted with non-marking rubber wheels with felt treads, you are sure not to leave marks or scratches on the while cleaning the carpeted floors or hard floors. The brush is made of extra soft bristles so that you can clean with little to no friction and acts on tough messes. There is a digital fingertip control feature on the handle that lets you reduce suction power when working on area rugs and other delicate surfaces.

The Bissell Hard Floor Expert 1161 has an automatic height adjustment where the vacuum automatically regulates the closeness it sits on the floor. The telescopic extension wand is used to reach spots that are hard to reach when cleaning, like the curtains and stairs. It is made light to enable easier maneuverability. You can easily carry the cleaner to clean those areas where pets sleep or sit. When the dirt canister fills up, emptying it is made easy. The tank opens from the bottom to make simple mess less disposal. Having the best canister vacuum for dog hair that leave no traces when operating makes this machine most preferred to work gently on the floors.

  • It is specialized for hard floor cleaning
  • It leaves no marks and scratches on hard floors with the non-marking wheels
  • The digital fingertip controls reduce the suction on delicate surfaces
  • It is easy to empty the dirt tank
  • It extends to clean higher surfaces
  • It has a short cord

The Dirt Devil Tattoo canister vacuum comes in the best design a vacuum cleaner can ever have. The canister vacuum has tattoo-like construction that is eye-catching. There are variety of fun designs and colors available in the market which make the vacuum canisters loved by many people. In addition, it is made with a powerful 10 amps motor that enables to cut through dirt and debris with the suction power. This vacuum works efficiently because it features the necessary tools for different surface tasks. It has a 20-foot cord that lets you to move around and in any room without interruptions: i.e. stopping to unplug. The 11-inch nozzle it features is useful for deep cleaning the surfaces with no assembly required.

The Dirt Devil has an automatic cord rewind that releases quickly when tapped to make using it safe. It also features the HEPA secondary filtration system combined with the washable sealed allergen system which help to reduce most allergens found in the air around the surface being vacuumed. It is a lightweight and easy to use machine.

  • It has a very beautiful design
  • It has a full indicator
  • It works powerfully
  • It lacks a scatter guard meaning you are not guaranteed that after you are done vacuuming, the dirt and debris is held in place

For fast and efficient vacuum cleaning in your home, the Ovente cyclonic vacuum is the right solution. It is equipped with a powerful and nonstop suction that uses 1200 watts power to have that perfect deep cleaning effect on surfaces at once. It is made in a way that it curbs allergens in the air with the advanced multi-level filtration technology.  The HEPA filtration system is responsible for eliminating 99.9% of airborne pollutants that are smaller than hair particles. It has an adjustable telescopic wand that extends to the hard-to-reach surfaces and the stainless-steel construction makes it strong and sturdy when you grip.

Ovente Bagless Canister Cyclonic Vacuum is easy to operate with the step button feature it has. You just use your foot to gently step on the button to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off. The 3600-swivel hose makes maneuvering of this canister pet vacuum easy. The power cord on the cleaner is retractable to make cleaning easy. It has a pet brush that is useful in effective fur collection. The compact size makes it easy to store. It has a translucent dirt bin to let you know when it is time to empty the dirt. The vacuum is the best canister vacuum for pet hair and surprisingly, the small size has a quite powerful suction. It is why some people prefer having this machine.

  • It is lightweight
  • It has a powerful suction for fast and efficient performance
  • It has easy maintenance
  • It has advanced multi-level filtration
  • It has a small size. Some people prefer bigger vacuums

For easy cleaning of bare, wood and tiled floors, the Eureka 3670G mighty mite is the best vacuum to use. It is also the best canister vacuum for pet hair on carpet. With a lightweight and compact design that enables easy carrying, this is arguably the most appreciated Eureka model. Fitted on the 20-feet power cord with quick release, you easily move the canister vacuum around. You will have no trouble storing away the Eureka 3670G mighty mite thanks to its compact size. It has powerful brush rolls that aid in deep cleaning the carpeted floors. It also features a full set of tools specialized to clean stairs and upholstery. The vacuum comes with a dusting brush and a crevice tool at the handle. It is designed to easily suck up pet hair and dust easily.

The Eureka 3670G uses a 12amp motor to create a powerful suction to make quick and efficient cleaning. The onboard tools (crevice tool, upholstery, nozzle dusting brush etc.) make the task of cleaning the hard-to-reach places easy. You can extend the wand to reach higher surfaces while cleaning. There is a triple filtration bag system on this bagged canister vacuum for effective cleaning. It is easier to use.

  • It is light weight and compact
  • It has convenient storage
  • It is easy to empty the dust bag when full
  • The 20-foot cord lets you clean without interruption
  • The extension wand makes it easy to reach higher places
  • Fine particles tend to quickly restrict airflow when using this canister vacuum therefore reducing the performance

If you have a medium or a small sized home, the Bissell Zing 4122 has the features that make it ideal to be used mostly on hard surfaces. It is not the best canister vacuum for carpet and pet hair because of the absence of a spinning brush, but it performs well on medium to low pile carpeted floors and bare floors.  The vacuum totally depends on the suction power to pick up dirt and debris from bare floors and the edges. It weighs 8 pounds to easily carry around when you are cleaning. The cord power is 17 feet long making it short to use on bigger surfaces.

There is a flip switch found on the Bissell zing 4122 that enables easy switching from different floor surfaces. The vacuum includes a telescoping wand, an automatic cord rewind, a variable suction control and a full bag indicator to ensure smooth and comfortable usage. The cleaner has an upholstery tool that enables you to easily clean the smoother floors, stairs and upholstery. The Bissell 4122 has wheels that enable easy movement. The absence of brush roll is, however, an advantage to some people because pet hair doesn’t get to tangle when trapped. Most people love using it on cat hair.

  • It is lightweight
  • It is a cheap vacuum cleaner
  • It does a good job on bare floors
  • It has a bigger bag size to reduce the number of times you empty it
  • Lacks a brush roll
  • It has a short cord
  • It operates noisily

The reason why this Model of Bissell zing canister vacuum is preferred is the fact that you don’t have to worry about changing any bag on it, ever. The Bissell Zing 2156A incorporates the cyclonic action and powerful suction for deep and thorough cleaning. The flip switch on the handle allows easy switching from cleaning carpets to bare floor cleaning. Fine dust particles are trapped with the dirt cup filters and a post-motor filter in the vacuum machine. The filters are washable and reusable to save you great maintenance cost.

The Bissell bagless 2156A has a 15 feet cord to ensure great cleaning reach on the surfaces. The cord retracts after use with a touch of a button to store easily. The lightweight design makes it portable and easy to maneuver. In addition, there is the crevice tool and dusting tool that lets you clean the delicate and smooth surfaces that are hard-to-reach. Emptying the dirt cup is done in the most hygienic way since it has a bottom tank emptying to avoid getting contact with the dirt.

  • It is easy to use and empty the dirt cup
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a multi-surface floor tool
  • It has an air flow regulator
  • It is the most affordable of the best canister vacuums for pet hair available
  • It has a short cord


In summation, you see there is a great difference between the canister and the upright vacuums. The above discussed vacuum cleaners portray the best features needed to thoroughly clean your home. Most of them have the HEPA filtration system to suck up most airborne pollutants. As such, there is no doubt that they are the best vacuum cleaners to choose from. The Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum is our most expensive and the overall best canister vacuums for pet hair available. With high technology used on the vacuum, it is surely loved. If you want premium results from a vacuum cleaner, this vacuum is highly recommended.

Buying Guide

The canister vacuum cleaners were originally known to best clean the hard wood floors, tile floors and laminate flooring than the carpets. Today, the canister vacuums have employed more technology to reduce surface cleaning limitation. Some canisters are designed to vacuum medium and high pile carpets.

 There are two types of canister vacuums, the bagged and the bagless. The difference between the two is clear. A bagged vacuum has a bag that stores the sucked dust and debris. When the bag fills up, there is need to change to continue having effective performance of the vacuum.

The bagless has a filter that needs constant replacement or washing. Having variable power settings on a vacuum aid in effective performance of the vacuum cleaner. Most high-end canister vacuum cleaner have this feature to control the suction power produced by the motor depending on the different surfaces cleaned.

 This feature is also useful to reduce the noise level as you clean delicate surfaces because, the reduced motor power leads to less noise production and vice versa. The cheaper canister vacuums, however, lack the variable power settings or if they have, chances are, they lack air suction and always operate at full power.

If you are looking to find the best canister vacuum cleaner for pet hair, look for the one with an air-driven turbo or turbine tool for effective pet hair removal, dirt and dust particles. This is recommended because with this feature, the vacuum can access areas that are hard-to-reach, yet they have high tendency of accumulating hairs and dander. These areas include the upholstery, chairs, stairs, car interiors, etc. The most expensive canister vacuums exhibit this feature that is the tangle-free turbine tool whereby it can handle long pet hair without tangling.

 The best canister vacuums to use in homes that have hard wood floors are those with non-marking rubber wheels. The hard floors get scratches on impact easily. Rubber wheels leave no marks from scratches therefore maintain the floor’s beauty. Some canister vacuums use plastic wheels which cause a lot of scratches hence leaving the floor with marks. When using a canister with a brushroll, turn off the spinning brush on the hardwood flooring to avoid scratches and unpleasant markings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Between the bagged and the bagless canister vacuum, which is the best?

A: It is hard to tell which the best is because different people have different preference. Some prefer going for the bagless to avoid having to keep emptying the dust cup when full. Others prefer the bagged vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning.

Q: Which is the best canister vacuum for pet hair?

A: The high-powered canister vacuums are the best vacuums for pet hair. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner determines how much pet hair is picked from the surfaces, be it on carpets or bare floors. You need a strong suction power and advanced features on a vacuum cleaner to have effective pet hair collection and you will get that if you dig deeper into your pockets to get it.